Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How to use TFS solutions and working with source control

Many team/people face issues while working TFS project solutions. How to check in, checkout and get latest and so on. There are basic and main steps to take care of:

Make sure solution checked in properly. you can confirm this with 'View Pending Changes' option. Also all solution files/projects should be bound to source control. All other users should always get solution/projects from TFS only. I mean always use get latest before you start working on any file.

1. Go to same or some other machine OS
2. Open VSTS and Connect to TFS Team Server
3. Double click Source Control option and select your solution folder
4. Map it to local folder. This will prompt you if you want to get it from TFS server. Say Yes
5. And you should be good here.

When you add your solution to source control first  time, VSTS asks to choose checkout policies or you can configure it later.
If you want your team to work on same solution, I mean same file can be shared among different users then follow the steps as -
1. Add solution to source control
2. Check In entire solution
3. Go to Team -> Team Project Settings -> Source Control
4. Enable Multiple check out so that multiple user can use same file
5. Enable get latest on check out so that users will get latest version as and when they check out the file.

Please add comments if you need more details regarding same.

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