Monday, July 22, 2013

Automated Test Run Error: There is no test with specified id {GUID}

Those who use Microsoft Test Manager to run their automation, find this error common and some time irritating. As the error states, it unable to find specific test case in associated build to test plan. There may be other reason for this such as -

1. Change in class name spaces but didn't updated automation association
2. Build assigned to test plan is not correct or old one
3. Missing test assemblies in assigned build


1. Check if your test assemblies are there in the build drop folder
2. Remove the automation association and re-associate automation method reference.
3. Get the test case ID and make sure it is part of test suite in test plan.
4. Check if associated automated test name is correct. Error states that you are running your test against build which doesn't have associated test in it.
5. Queue new build and once succeeded - assign it to your test plan and make sure this build has all tests which are associated with your automation. 


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