Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to: Add users to list of code reviewer in TFS 2012

With TFS 2012 Update 2, we have new feature where we can enable code review in TFS itself. Here are steps to add users to reviewer list.

1. Open TFS Team Web Access
2. It will open in Overview mode
3. In Right side pane, there are options like ACTIVITIES, MEMBERS, ADMINISTRATION
4. ADMINISTRATION link is for Sprint management.
5. For user management - Click on Top Right Setting symbol [Next to Help link]
6. Select Project and select your team Left side panel. Here you can add users you want to. There is Add  button on top. you can add single user or user(s) group. Also you can add multiple Administrators.
7. Once done re-open VSTS and connect team explorer.
8. Create new review request and you will see added user(s) in reviewer list.


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